Dog Daycare

How is the day being spent in Baby D’s Home?




When our furry friends arrive, we realize that they may have been too excited to do all their “business”. Soooo…out we go for our first walk of the day. If it’s wet (really, Vancouver!) paws and bellies get toweled off. Once that’s done, the dogs see which of their friends have gotten there before them. The running, the chasing, the playing that ensues; and we try to capture all this in photos and little videos that we share on Instagram throughout the day. The first 2-3 hours at Baby D’s home are busy with these activities, and of course your babies are rewarded with little training treats for being so well behaved.





Then around noon, lunch is served (in private) for those of our friends that brought a “lunch box”. Once their bellies are full, they go for another walk and often opt for a nap once they get back. All that playing can be exhausting, don’t you know?  Also, some pups come for a half day around this time, so there’s more friends to greet and sniff.


The afternoon is often lower key than the morning, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less fun. More walks and more playing continue until it’s time to get picked up, so be prepared for your furry companion to be tuckered out when you get home.


Daycare In take Process: 

To ensure a safe and enjoyable environment, our daycare caters to dogs up to 25 lbs. All dogs must have their 3rd set of shots and be spayed or neutered (by 7 months of age)

Book your free orientation and 3 hour trial for your fur baby (Available on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays). This allows you to tour the facility and your pup to play and explore.


Regular Pricing for Daycare (valid for 6 months)

Full day

1 time drop in $35 (with discretion)
5 times x $33 ($165)
10 times x $31 ($310)
20 times x $28.50 ($570)

Half day

1 time drop in $24 (5hrs)
5 times x $23 ($115)
10 times x $21.75 ($217.50)
20 times x $20.25 ($405.00)


Hourly rate $10

Late Pickup: $15 every 30 minutes.


Why choose us? 


  • Your dogs are always our top priority. All of your babies will be taken care of by our detail oriented specialists.
  • In order to maintain our service quality, we keep a low ratio of dogs to staff. (Max. 10 dogs per pet specialist)
  • We go for walks 2 to 5 times a day. (maximum of three dogs at a time)